Tea Light Candle Holder

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Our Tea Light Holders are perfect as an accent to your table center piece, as a gift for guests at weddings, or just a little gift to let someone know you are thinking of them. Made from reclaimed hardwoods that has been selected for its color and tone. Each one is hand cut and edge sanded to give it that clean shape that looks good in any home. You get two in each set.   

The Wood -
Made from reclaimed Ash; each Tea Light Candle Holder is sanded ultra smooth and then hand rubbed with a coat of beeswax.

Ash - Varies from light brown to almost white

Size -
Each Tea Light Candle Holder is 3" square and 1.5" thick.  

Each Tea Light holder comes with one tea candle included.

Each Tea Light Candle Holder is slightly different in color, and tone. The ones pictured in this listing are examples of what they look like not the actual one your will receive though the photos are pretty representative of what they look like.