Limited Eddition | Charcuterie Boad

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This Limited Edition charcuterie board is one of a kind. A beautiful addition to any dinner party or just a quite dinner for two. It makes the perfect house warming, wedding, or holiday gift. Made from Thermally Modified Ash that is hand selected for its richness in color, grain, and tone. Cut to size and edge sanded to give it a clean geometric look that will compliment any style of home. Once shaped it is hand sanded leaving it silky smooth before finished with our own beeswax and mineral oil paste recipe.

The wood -
All of the wood for our charcuterie boards comes from Minneapolis Minnesota and has been sustainability harvested. (We have a great story to tell about the wood we use. If you would like to know just let me know and I would be happy to share it with you.) The wood for this charcuterie board is made from Thermally Modified Ash and is 3/4" thick. Thermally modifying wood is the process of super heating it to 190° while in the drying kiln.  This process makes the wood a more durable wood that is resistant to water.  It also changes the color from white to a caramel color.

The Finish -
All of our charcuterie boards are finished in a beeswax and mineral oil bath, hand rubbed, and then heated so that the finish can sink deep into the grain of the wood. Once dry it gets a second coat before it is packaged up and sent to you. We include a small container of our beeswax finish so that you can keep your charcuterie board looking amazing. Additional beeswax paste is available for purchase in our Easy shop.

Size - 17" long by 10" wide and 3/4" thick.

The charcuterie board in this listing is one of a kind and is the exact board you will receive.