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The coaster re-imagined! Our geometric sous-verre are designed to be usable art. Made from beautiful hardwoods that have been hand chosen for their color and grain. These geometric sous-verre not only protect your table but look damn good doing it. Stack them up when not in use or leave them laid out and they look great just sitting on a coffee or side table. Each of the four sous-verre you receive is unique to help remember who's drink is who's.

Our geometric sous-verre are made from Black Walnut or Thermally Modified Ash (Meaning it was super heated to 190° during the kiln drying process.) Each piece is cut to size before being sanded into their unique geometric shape, then sanded silky smooth before receiving a coat of hand rubbed beeswax to protect the wood and bring out it's natural beauty.

Walnut - Varies in color but is a dark chocolate color sometimes with lighter streaks of reds and even greens.

Thermally Modified Ash - Is a caramel color.  

Each set comes with 4 geometric sous-verre varying in size from 3" square up to 5" long.

Our geometric sous-verre are easy to clean. Just wipe them off with a damp cloth and towel dry. If your coaster develops a ring mark that does not come off with a damp cloth; try our beeswax & mineral oil rub available in our store.  It will bring them back to their original beauty.