Advent Candle Holder

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Our advent candle holder is the perfect center piece for your holiday table. Lighting the candles each week for advent is one of my families favorite holiday memories. We would all gather around after dinner on the four Sunday's leading up to the holiday to light a new candle. We would read a holiday themed story, drink tea and eat chocolate treats. These will be memories that will last a lifetime.

The wood we use -
All of the wood we use comes from right here in Minnesota. Trees that were cut down due to construction, disease, or weather damage. These trees are cut into lumber then kiln dried. The ash we use for our advent candle holder has been thermally modified; meaning it was super heated to 190° during the kiln drying process. This super heating turns the wood from a very light almost white color to a deep caramel and even mocha color.

The finish we use -
Our advent holders are finished with our special recipe of pure beeswax and mineral oil. This finish brings out the woods natural beauty and gives it a nice scent. Plus its non-toxic.

Size -
We offer two sizes one for taper candles and one for tea lights.

Our advent candle holder (For taper candles) are 10" long, between 3"- 4" wide, and 1 3/4" - 2" thick. (Candles not included) 

Our advent candle holder (For tea light candles) comes with four pieces each measures approx 3 1/4" square by 2" thick.  (Candles are included) 

***Not exactly the size you were looking for? Shoot us a message and let us create a custom listing just for you.